Saturday, July 17, 2010

Through the Lens...

On our trip to Colorado, we had to drive for hours through northwest Texas. BORING! I have driven through this part of the country several times, and have struggled to stay awake. I think they call it the "plains" for a reason. Flat lands, with nothing but miles and miles of land and sky. As we started driving, I decided to get my camera and play around. The weather was beautiful, low 80's, sunny with some clouds, so we were driving with the windows down. And I started just snapping random shots.

What I discovered is beauty in the plains.

I wondered how many times in my life I've missed beauty because I wasn't taking the time to look for it. And how many times have I considered something "plain" that was full of beauty?
Oh to have His eyes...

" And his eye sees every precious thing. " ~ Job 28:10b