Sunday, November 30, 2008

Is your cat plotting to kill you?

God's Involvement with Mankind....

I've been pondering the meaning of sovereignty and how it relates to God. The word "sovereignty" is not in the Bible anywhere. In fact, only the word "sovereign" is used in the NIV addressing God as "Sovereign Lord" where other translations say "Lord Most High".
Now, I am not questioning that He is Sovereign. In fact, I believe that He is still on His throne, an unshakable throne. It's more a question of application. There are some streams that say that we don't really need to pray because God's will is going to be done regardless. They even take it to the extreme that they won't vote on election day since God is going to put His person in authority anyway, so it doesn't matter. They also explain every bad thing that happens as "God's will". Many in this stream believe that God has predestined those who will go to heaven, so evangelism and missions are "useless". On the opposite side, there are those who believe that God's will can be changed by prayer, fasting and our free will, and that while God is sovereign, He allows humans to make choices. All choices have consequences, some good, some bad, but consequences nonetheless. Both sides have scriptural support. And this is the dilemma. God is not divided, so there has to be someway to reconcile God's sovereignty with our free will.
I don't really know the answer, so I"m sure that this will be an ongoing journey.
Merriam-Webster Dictionary online defines sovereignty as:

sov·er·eign·ty           Listen to the pronunciation of sovereignty
1obsolete : supreme excellence or an example of it
2 a: supreme power especially over a body politic b: freedom from external control : autonomy c: controlling influence
: one that is sovereign ; especially : an autonomous state

Sovereign is further defined as "one that exercises supreme authority within a limited sphere [or] an acknowledged leader"

I love that God is "free from external control". This means that nothing can change the fact that He is still on His throne! The economic "woes" of this country have not surprised Him. The results of the election did not surprise Him. He is not moved by the tides of "change" in our world. But, and I do mean "BUT", I believe with all my heart that God's heart is 100% toward people, not just His people, but EVERY single person on this planet. And I believe that when His people pray, He is moved with compassion and stretches out His hand in love and mercy, and that He will turn away from His wrath. I believe His mercy trumps His judgment, but He always remains just, which is a mystery.

So I pose this question to you....what are your thoughts?

Sunday, November 23, 2008


The three letter word with more umph than a 95 mph fastball...
So I found myself looking over some facebook profiles of acquaintances and asking "why do their lives seem so great? I wish...." Then I stopped myself, or maybe the Holy Spirit stopped me (it was probably Him, cuz' I'm just not that smart). Why is it that we, as humans, tend to look longingly at someone else's situation and assume that it's so much greater than ours? We think, "I wish my husband were like that" or "I wish I knew people all over the world" or "I should have that job" or "I'm just as anointed" (that one's a scary one- yikes!). Yet, we never really know what their life is truly like. AND more perplexing still is the simple fact that if we were to spend as much energy seeking the Lord and walking in His perfect path for our lives, our life would be so great that nothing else would seem desirable. OUCH!
I think (and I know I've blogged about this before) that we get our "desires" so twisted sometimes. We think that we'll be fulfilled if only our husbands are perfect, or we have beautiful children, or if we have a title at work or in the church, and we completely miss that HE is EVERYTHING that we need, and that our ONLY true fulfillment comes in HIM.

Lord, I repent for looking to others to satisfy my heart, for striving to find fulfillment in the things of this world, and overlooking your arms that remain so wide open. Thank you for your gracious reminders that you really do have my best interests in mind, and that your ways and your timing are PERFECT! There is none like you, for you truly are a great and amazing Father! I love you, Lord.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I think I need a nap....

Other than my delinquency in updating my blog, more signs have surfaced that maybe I'm suffering from brain overload. Most recently, 5 seconds ago....
It's 9:33pm, and I'm sitting at my desk with my laptop, trying to get caught up on some work that I'm MUY behind on, and my lips are feeling a little chapped.
I'm surrounded by all of my scrapbooking supplies, because it's my goal to play more and work less.
Do you see where this is going???
I just picked up my glue stick and almost used it as chapstick. Thank you Jesus for stopping me from that fiasco!!!
***shaking my head***

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Effective Change

We finally have a new president-elect. Maybe, just maybe, our news will actually become news rather than biting fighting deriding words of each party. Maybe we can all settle down a little bit and stop arguing with everyone we meet about who is the best man or woman for the job (seriously, I have seen complete strangers going at it because of their bumper stickers).

I implore you, now, to pray like you have never prayed before. President-Elect Obama and his family are facing one of the toughest jobs in the world. He will be faced with many challenges and decisions that will impact our nation, and he NEEDS our prayers. Regardless of how much you like or dislike the man, we are called to pray for those in authority and respect those in authority and to serve.

For some, it may be a complete shift in habits. You may have spent the last year talking about everything that's wrong with this man, and how much you dislike him. For others, you have been so excited about the change he has promised to bring. It's time for every single one of us to unite as Americans, but more importantly as Christians, and pray that God will be glorified in this land. It's time for us to stop our complaining, our slander, our disrespectful comments, and honor the man that God has placed in authority in our country. I'm going to challenge you to remember that old saying that our mothers taught us, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I imagine that it won't be easy for any of us. Some will be watching for every mistake and rejoicing (which is petty, immature and downright disgusting). Others will be disappointed when promises are broken (and they will be broken, because no president in our history has really been able to do EVERYTHING they have promised to get elected). Either way, it will be difficult to guard our tongues, but it is possible!

Let's fight for a true change! Let's get on our knees and choose to speak life into this country again!

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. - James 5:16