Monday, October 27, 2008

What has happened to customer service?

After an entire ordeal with Time Warner Cable, and let me say ORDEAL, I'm led to wonder what has happened to customer service? Since when is it ok to lie to people? Since when is rudeness the norm, rather than the symptom of a bad day?
I was talking to my grandmother about this, and she was telling me that there is a company that's advertising jingle is "We're always on time, and we have a great attitude". Seriously? That's my EXPECTATION! If you're not on time, and you're in a rotten mood, you're likely going to lose my business.
What happened to your word being your honor? What happened with taking care of the customer, even if it's "not your job"?
In Time Warner's defense, I am giving them a second chance after tonight. I emailed the VP of North Texas, a very, very, very LONG email, and I just received a response - at 10:27pm! I figure any company who's executive VP will respond to a customer complaint this late deserves at least one more shot....